GhostStead Zapier Integration

Want to connect your GhostStead site to another application? Its easy with the Zapier integration!

GhostStead Zapier Integration

GhostStead allows you to connect your data to any of thousands applications and services using Zapier.

GhostStead form data

GhostStead sites allow you to create user forms that are automatically emailed to the owner of the site.  With Zapier, you can create a Zap that runs when a user submits the form that sends the data virtually anywhere.  You could add the user's email to a CRM, you could text yourself the form data (or just a reminder to check your email) or you could create a support ticket to make sure you get back to the user.  The possibilities are nearly limitless.  

See our documentation for further information.

Ghost integrations

The Ghost site you create with GhostStead also has Zapier integration. Zaps may be triggered by nearly any action in the site.   Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • When a new subscriber is added send them a welcome email.
  • Automatically send a tweet when a new post is created.
  • many more...
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